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Original Characters and characters from established series are all welcome. Fandom OCs are also acceptable, as long as it doesn't hugely conflict with the canon. i.e. You decide to create a totally unique character, that lives in the world of Steven Universe. They can't be directly involved in the main canon plot, but they're still "from" that canon. The only exception to this rule is when you have canons that allow you to essentially create an OC of a protagonist! (But those protagonists still tend to have certain characterizations to follow, you dig?)

Characters that come from an alternate universe of a particular canon, or from another game, are also allowed. It should be noted that while your options for a character from an AU are limitless, they should still recognizably be the same character. i.e. Cloud from Final Fantasy 7 and Cloud from Kingdom Hearts are canon alternates, and while both different from having grown up in different settings, they are also recognizably the same. On that topic - if there is a canon alternate universe, like in Cloud's case, that character would actually be considered just to be pure canon instead.

Additionally, any characters that come from a previous game must have been played in that game - you cannot app a character from a game you have not played in.

Triples of characters are allowed, but each version must be different in some way. i.e. a canon version, an alternate universe version, or a version that has come from a previous game.

There are no limits to what kind of characters you app, or how many. You may app from children's shows to dark and gritty series. However, do keep in mind appropriateness for the setting when you app - while Cosmographia may dabble in dark themes, it is largely meant to be a light-hearted game. Apping a character that is hellbent on murder or sexual behavior, and completely unable to adapt, would not be suitable and apps will be judged appropriately - mods would expect there to be a thorough explanation of a planned character arc , so you may be asked to briefly explain why you believe a character is suitable if they seem like they would push that boundary.

Fill in the form below and submit it in a comment to this post to apply. Applications are always open, and will go through acceptance every two weeks or so.

Be sure to check the character you want to app is not already in the game.

There is a reserve system in place if you intend to app a character. If there are duplicate applications for the same character received in a no-reserve situation, both applications will be reviewed and the stronger app will be accepted. A challenge question or sample prompt may be sent to the appers if both applications are strong. Also check the reserve page to make sure the character you plan to app is not on temporary drop hold.

If you wish for the mods to hold your app, just email the mod account. This means you won't be accepted until you're ready.

If you want to withdraw your app, please also just email the mod account—however, if you withdraw your application you will not be able to submit another until next round.

If you are rejected and need to submit a redo, you will receive a comment informing you as much accompanied with a brief explanation.

If you are accepted, you will receive a reply to your comment with a summary of comms to join, basic admin stuff to sort, and how to get started.

All comments are screened! Apps are processed weekly on Fridays and Saturdays, until Saturday 5pm PST - any apps submitted after that time will need to wait another week.

Player Info:
Contact: (email, plurk, etc)

Character Info:
Age: If the age is vague, just let us know! This is mostly for the purposes of understanding a character, e.g. if they're a kid vs an old lady.
AU/PG/CANON/OC: Indicate what type of character yours is, and which canon and game they are from if relevant.

Key Points:
First, aim to list 5-7 bullet points of the history of your character.

  • So list any Significant Events

  • or changes for aus should also go here

  • or key personality traits

  • you can go over 7 points, but please don't go over 15.

What this does give a broad stroke timeline, and the fully written section under it can be more in depth personality and history-wise. Try to focus on events that directly changed that character, rather than the world around them. e.g. Sora from Kingdom Hearts does a lot of important things! But most events have more impact on others/the world around him than they do on Sora. So gloss over those with just a bullet point or two each, and give more detailed bullet points just to the things that directly affected him.

For this section, delve into the history of events your characters have gone through and slightly into how it may have affected them. We are not looking for a detailed novel, but a summary to support the key points above. Aim for 300 words, though as long as it is under 500 words your app will be accepted. Essentially: Try to summarize the history like how a wiki page would summarize it. Being concise is key.

If desired, you may also provide wiki page links in addition to support your history. We understand some canons are extremely lengthy and 300-500 words may not be enough for a clear summary of all the major events. In this case adding links to wiki pages would be helpful, especially in the case the mods are unfamiliar with the canon, but this is entirely optional.

For this section, focus on telling us about your character! Indicate who they are rather than what they do. You can refer to history in this section and go into more detail if necessary. While history is important this section should always be more about character personality/motivations. Aim for 300-800 words, though as long as it remains under 1000 words it can be accepted.

Gem Considerations: Tell us what gem you have chosen for your character and explain why. Discuss what changes they may go through. I'm looking for an understanding of the system, setting and character! Also consider what sort of trajectory or character goal you have in mind.

Power considerations:
List Three Powers You Would Like Your Character To Have:
  • Like healing

  • Teleportation

  • Or shapeshifting

Summarize how would they be affected by the powercap present in Cosmographia, and how they would react to gaining power.

Sample: You can re-use a sample from another game - threads must be at least 20 comments of commentspam or [action tag] style, from your character. Not 20 comments in total from the thread! 3POV prose are also accepted as well as monologues. Prose/monologues should be at least 250 words long.

Handy Dandy list of gems. You can also use alternate sources, if you like!


If you want to update your character to a more "recent" or otherwise modified version, it requires dropping them and reapplying. The drop must be the default "return" drop. Otherwise, yes, it's just that simple!

You can always reapply a character you've dropped! To do this, just comment like you were apping them all over again, but with the below form. How the arrive is dependent on how they dropped - either they found their way back after being lost, have finally recuperated, or simply got dragged through a hole again.

Player Name:
Character Name:
Link To Old App: HERE!
Describe Anything That's Changed: